Handmade ceramics by Leigh Hicks.
Handmade ceramics by Leigh Hicks.
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Welcome! My name is Leigh, and I'm a potter living in Oxfordshire - originally from Scotland so my accent lingers! 

I mainly hand-throw pieces on my potters wheel, and occasional handbuilt pieces. I use white stoneware clay and a toasted stoneware clay, fired to 1260ºc, with food safe glazes. Whilst I strive to make beautiful, visually pleasing items, they are first and foremost functional, to be used day to day and bring a smile to daily life!

Creativity is woven through me, from clay modelling, sculpture and art classes as a teenager, through studying foundation art, then Graphic Design, with classes in life drawing, felt making, printmaking, sewing, model-making and more over the years! I love making things; the meditative process, the creation of something pleasing.

Following a career in publishing, I returned to ceramics in 2017 and haven't looked back.  I'm on a mission to improve and learn, and I love that my knowledge of design and other crafts informs the work I'm doing now. 

After completing an internship with a well established potter, I set up a home studio in 2020, and more recently relocated to a workshop at Kingfisher Studios on the edge of Witney in Crawley, I am now dedicating more time to making and creating ceramics for everyone to use and enjoy!